2011 Jaguar XFR

The XFR's appearance understates what the car is actually capable of. It's a beautifully refined car with all the details and tailoring you would expect from Jag. The wheels, brakes, and "R" badges give you a hint, but you would never know the performance that this car has the capacity to deliver until you drive the car yourself.

This is the second Jag I've driven since being at Automobile, the first a sporty XK. The XFR being a sport sedan, though, you have room for four. Thus I picked up three friends, headed out to dinner at the Gandy Dancer, then dessert at the Dairy Queen, and finally to the movies to see the Green Lantern. We should have skipped dinner and just done DQ. The valet was more interested that I was from New Jersey than in the car itself. Parked at the DQ, we had quite a different experience as the car drew plenty of attention from onlookers slurping creamy treats.

Funny thing when you try to enter the freeway heading eastbound from Jackson Road in Ann Arbor. The entrance ramp is more or less a very tight 90-degree turn, causing you to slow to a snail's pace. MDOT has added a merge lane here due to the slow-moving cars entering from this corner. This is where the XFR pounced like its icon. Exiting the corner the car achieved excessive speed so effortlessly and smoothly I'd not realized exactly how fast I was going and had to pull it back within the legal limits. The 510 hp comes at you seamlessly.

My takeaways are the following: This car outclasses and outperforms any version of the BMW 5-series that I've been in. It hurts to write those words, as I love me a good BMW. The sounds it makes is music to the ears. It is expensive as hell at the dealer and at the gas pump. It's one thirsty cat. The trim materials were carefully chosen for visual and tactile pleasure. Loved the seats. Be warned: if the gear shifter sits in the hot sun with car off for any length of time -- it can be searingly hot to the touch.

Kelly Murphy, Creative Director

Of the few complaints I had about our Four Seasons Jaguar XF Supercharged, I'm fairly certain a lack of power wasn't one. Still, someone in Coventry apparently felt the need to pack a few more ponies under the hood. The revised XF Supercharged with the direct-injected, supercharged 5.0-liter V-8 now cranks out a virile 470 hp, the same engine in R guise is rated at a whopping 510 hp.

Jaguar says that's enough to rocket this cat from 0 to 60 mph in 4.7 seconds. I didn't time it, but I believe it just from my commute home. Someone had left the car in dynamic mode, which quickens the throttle response, turning the accelerator pedal into a hair trigger. I thought I was applying light pressure to the go pedal, yet I looked down to find myself running about 10 mph over the speed limit. Honest, officer, I didn't mean to -- it's just that the power comes on so quickly, so smoothly, and so naturally.

The power, impeccable chassis tuning, and artful interior win me over, but I'm still not sold on the XFR itself, especially when Jaguar still sells an equally fun and equally fast (if slightly less powerful) XF Supercharged in our market. Are you really trying to tell me that 470 hp isn't enough in a car that tips the scales at 4300 pounds, and that shaving a tenth of a second or so off a 0-60 or quarter-mile time is really worth an extra $12,000? I sure don't think so.

Evan McCausland, Associate Web Editor

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