2011 Porsche Panamera 4

Matt Tierney

Only because I have driven the Panamera Turbo do I find this Panamera 4 (with the V-6) a little lackluster. While the interior is impeccable and luxurious and the Porsche pedigree is evident in the car's handling characteristics, it just doesn't feel like it has enough oomph befitting a $100,000 price tag. That's not to say it's slow. It definitely feels like a 911 with a backpack, with sharp and direct steering, controlled body motions, and firm brakes. (Although I did find the brakes took a little bit of pedal travel before kicking in.) However, having recently driven two examples of the 2012 Audi A7, another six-cylinder luxury hatchback, I would rather save 20 grand to get a more aesthetically pleasing package.

Donny Nordlicht, Associate Web Editor

This is one of the most stunning cars I've had the opportunity to experience. Sadly I only had the car for less than 24 hours. In that time, however, it was clear to me that it's a close relative of the iconic 911. Even with its large dimensions and heavy weight, it effortlessly exhibits the power and precision that you expect from a Porsche. The car never felt big, the seats caressed the body like a well-fitted glove, and you had room for three witnesses to your adrenaline rushes. It's fortunate that I had this car on a weeknight. Had it been in my possession Friday, I could have seen another 36-hour Tail of the Dragon trip in my sights. The only real confusion I had was with the auto engine on/off. It worked seamlessly while in traffic. But when I arrived home I stopped at the mailbox and exited the car, leaving it running. When I returned the car had shut itself off, but required a manual restart. I assume that happened because I put the car in park and exited. Nonetheless, when I lay in bed at night thinking about that lottery ticket in my wallet, I think I might have a new contender for what sedan I would buy.

Kelly Murphy, Creative Director

I'm sure it's a heavy car, but I really doubt it weighs 5400lbs... 4400lbs sounds more plausible.
Are you guys sure you have the weight right? I'm pretty sure that I've seen Panamera Turbo's tested weighing only 4500...

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