2011 Infiniti G37 Coupe IPL

If you get behind the wheel of an Infiniti G37 IPL coupe expecting the sort of transformation that takes place between a BMW 335i and M3, you'll be severely disappointed. Infiniti is targeting the BMW 335is with its first IPL offering and thus keeping the price premium for the IPL badge pretty minimal. It's a good thing that the price increase is minimal because the performance increase is minimal, too. I don't think I would have guessed I was driving an IPL instead of a regular G37 coupe if I didn't know before I got behind the wheel. Perhaps a few laps on a road course would help demonstrate the IPL package's 18 extra hp and 6 additional lb-ft of torque, but the difference is negligible on a commute.

Infiniti is really just testing the performance waters with the IPL sub-brand. If there's enough consumer interest, it's very likely there will be more IPL models in the future and the difference between regular Infiniti models and IPL versions will become much more significant. Infiniti has better footing for the IPL sub-brand than Lexus does with its F brand because the base Infiniti vehicles are generally much sportier than those from Lexus. It's clear there's still a lot of catching up to do before any of the Japanese carmakers can combine luxury and performance the way the quattro GmbH, M, or AMG divisions do.

For those looking for a car a little more special than a regular G37 coupe and a little less refined than a BMW 335is, the G37 IPL fits the bill. There's good mechanical feel and noises from the car and it is certainly rewarding to drive. Perhaps the sticker price doesn't stand up to heavy scrutiny when compared with a G37 Coupe Sport, but there are some buyers who want an exotic badge and don't care about saving money.

Phil Floraday, Senior Web Editor

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