2010 Mitsubish Lancer Evolution SE

Matt Tierney

Driving the Evo is more like driving some sort of high-speed contraption than a normal car. Whirrs and whistles abound as turbines spool up and wind down and clutches engage and release, and the revs jump as the car downshifts coming to a stop. Is that a complaint? Hardly. It was a blast. Don’t ask me about the stereo in this car, because over my three days with this car, I never turned it on -- listening to the Evo do its thing was far too exciting.

The steering is slot car-quick and sharper and more direct than almost any car I’ve driven. The suspension makes for a firm ride, yet has the ability to absorb bigger bumps (like the speed bumps in the garage) with ease. Most cars with a suspension this responsive rattle your fillings loose by the time you climb to the 6th floor.

Those two reasons are the only ones that really justify this car over the Subaru WRX -- and they are convincing, but if I had to live with one of these rally-inspired cars on a daily basis I might have to opt for the Subaru because it has a much nicer interior for less money. The interior of the Evo is so spartan and plasticky, it belongs in a car half the price. The Recaro seats are fantastic at holding you in place, but everything else in the interior makes you feel like you’re driving a 10-year-old subcompact.

Matt Tierney, Art Director

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