2011 Porsche Cayenne Turbo

Matt Tierney
Matt Tierney

Superfast SUVs still aren't my cup of tea, but the new Cayenne Turbo mostly overcomes that prejudice. The most noticeable improvement compared to the last generation is the mass reduction. Granted, no one will confuse the 4784-pound Cayenne with a Cayman or even a Panamera, but in a day when every redesign seems to bring a 200-pound weight gain and a longer wheelbase, it's nice to see someone take a step back. Whereas driving the old Cayenne Turbo felt like sitting atop a giant, fast-moving brick, the new model is small enough that you're not completely surprised and terrified when your right foot unleashes all 500 hp. The steering is almost identically to the one in the Panamera, which is to say very light but also very accurate.

I'll agree with Joe that this is now a very handsome vehicle. It's certainly much more subtle and cohesive looking than a BMW X5 or X6 M. The interior looks plenty nice as well, and I admire Porsche for taking a different route than its competitors with a button-intensive center stack. The cluster of buttons is imposing to a first-time user, but after a few weeks of building up muscle memory, they'd become second nature.

David Zenlea, Assistant Editor

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