2011 Porsche Cayenne Turbo

Matt Tierney
Matt Tierney

This Cayenne Turbo is the Porsche I would buy if I was Porsche shopping (assuming this alternate life still included a wife, two kids and a dog).

It looks great-the new exterior is far more refined. Previous weaknesses-all of the lights in particular-are now standout details. The machined faces and dark charcoal innards of the wheels, with the bright red brake calipers peeking through, are gorgeous.

The engine and exhaust sound awesome, and it is an absolute blast to drive. But beyond that, it is a Porsche that is a thoroughly functional vehicle. The interior is beautiful, with a cockpit and front seats that just seemed to fit perfectly, and a back seat with a surprising amount of space and legroom. Add to that a respectable cargo area, all-wheel-drive, and a host of safety features, it's the complete package.

For me, this is a Porsche without compromises.

The Cayenne Turbo doesn't feel like an overpowered SUV, or a too-tall sports car, it feels like a completely naturally-evolved creature. Perfectly balanced, light on its feet, but firmly planted-if that makes any sense. I would never tire of driving it.

Yeah, the dizzying array of buttons on the console is ridiculous, but David is right that the ones you use would eventually fall (somewhat) readily to hand. (Why Porsche decided to bury the "lock/unlock" button in the farthest, deepest corner of the console is beyond me-especially since the doors all lock every time you drive. It took forever to find it the lock release first time, and was no less annoying each time I had to grab camera gear out of the back seat. Put it on the damn door where it belongs!)

Matt Tierney, Art Director

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