2011 Infiniti G25x Sedan

Matt Tierney

I managed to nab the G25x on the weekend of the second biggest and fastest-accumulating snow storm this winter. Why didn't someone else grab the keys before me, you ask? Because it was such a freak event that even the local weathermen were taken by surprise. The real kicker was that this blizzard coincided perfectly with a Costco trip that was 3 months in the making.

After overfilling a cart with all the necessities, we hit the road with four inches of fresh snow already on the ground and more accumulating quickly. The G25x was fantastic. Granted, the tires struggled for traction at nearly every turn (not unexpected in conditions such as these), but the loss of traction was both progressive and, because it's steering is so direct and communicative, easy to correct. The only facet of the G that I found difficult to manage, especially in the slippery conditions, was the stiff throttle. In the dry, it made for unexpectedly quick starts; but in the white stuff, it caused the traction control to intervene every time I pulled away from a stop.

Beyond all this, the G25x is a supremely comfortable and capable sedan that didn't make me wish for the more powerful G37. From behind the wheel, the G has a satisfyingly sporty character that will likely meet the needs of most consumers. The interior has some low spots-the design of the seat-heater controls-but as a whole it's nicely designed and trimmed. My favorite part of the interior is a feature that is often overlooked even in many sports cars. I tend to drop the steering wheel to its lowest point in most cars, causing it to block at least some portion of the central gauges. In the G, the tach and speedometer travel with the steering wheel when adjusted for rake so regardless of where its adjusted, the driver always has a clear view of the gauges.

Jennifer Misaros, Production Editor

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