2011 Nissan Altima Coupe 2.5 S

Yes, this is certainly GTI money, but I'm not so sure that those looking for hot-hatch performance are necessarily also cross-shopping a base, four-cylinder Altima, either. Buyers driven primarily by styling -- not 0-60 times or skidpad figures -- will likely favor the Altima. I can't say I blame them; the sinewy two-door form reminds me of a G37 from the rear quarters, especially with the stubby rear quarter window and the short rear deck. The 2.5-liter four provides adequate acceleration, and the handling -- like that of its four-door sibling -- is rather tactile for a front-wheel-drive vehicle.

Shoppers seeking good looks, impressive fuel economy (23/32 mpg city/highway), and loads of optional upscale content have a lot to like in this Altima, even if it isn't exactly destined to set the compact sports coupe segment on fire.
- Evan McCausland, Web Producer

Back in the 90s I owned 2 Nissan 240SX's. The 1991 hatch was my favorite but by the time I was ready for the next one in 1996 all you could get was a coupe. Well, both cars were a joy to drive, handled great with their REARWHEEL drive independent rear suspensions and the 155 hp 4 cylinder was cool also. The fuel mileage was 20 plus in town and 26 or so on the interstate. Why then all these pansy secretary cars like this Altima? It seems to me that an AFFORDABLE, red blooded male edition could be built and sold profitably off the old 240 platform. The 370 is out of most folks price range anyway. By the way. My next car after the 96 240 was my first and last VW. A GTI VR6. Nice car but reliability sucked after 73k miles.

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