2011 Honda Accord 4-Door SE

We'll have a new Honda Accord in showrooms in a little more than a year, so it's no surprise this family sedan doesn't shine quite like it did at its debut in 2008. In many ways, the Honda Accord still drives as good as the newer, better family sedans, like the Hyundai Sonata and Ford Fusion. Those cars, though, make significant strides against the Accord with better styling and nicer cabins. This segment is extremely competitive, but it's hardly emotional or passionate. For that reason, it's still understandable that the Accord continues to sell very well for Honda. It packs everything a family needs-space, comfort, and efficiency-even if it doesn't have that extra touch of subjective appeal.
- Eric Tingwall, Associate Editor

Wow Hyundai just kept slapping Honda around during these reviews.Honda needs to unemployee every one of their designers.This would be step 1.
No one used the word ugly, must be the Christmas season bringing out the best in some of us.

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