2011 Ford Fusion SE

Matt Tierney

As an automotive journalist, I'm often asked my opinion on new cars by both friends and family. And recently, the questions have all been about the Fusion, because my mother is in the market to replace her seven-year-old Toyota Camry and she's decided that this time she's buying American - Ford, to be precise. For her, the Fusion just might be the perfect car: in size, price, and fuel economy. The four-cylinder engine produces plenty of power (175 hp), and the car feels solid.

This particular test car differs from the one I'd recommend to my mother in only one particular, the six-speed manual. Not that it's a bad transmission, but it's not for her, and I suspect, won't be for most buyers. Still, it's nice that it's available for those who still like to shift for themselves.

Amy Skogstrom, Managing Editor

Isnt the car pictured a Fusion Sport and not the SE?
Based on the success of the Fusion, I wonder if any other manfacturer will downsize their midsize car. The Fusion is much smaller than the other cars in its class, yet it sells well and you auto journalist love it. More importantly, will Ford keep the next Fusion this size?

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