2011 Buick Regal CXL

Matt Tierney

Like Rusty, I'm impressed, but not blown away by the Regal. The overall impression is one of quiet competence. The exterior is understated and appealing. The steering and handling are very good but not exceptional. I have driven a preproduction version of the Turbo, and can say that the extra power, along with a six-speed manual, ups the fun-factor quite a bit.

My biggest complaint about the Regal -- and it's a relatively small one -- is with the interior, or more specifically, with the telematics. The Buick does everything you expect of a $30,000 sedan-it synchs with your phone, plays songs from your iPod, and provides turn-by-turn directions (via Onstar) -- but it lacks the cohesive interface we're coming to expect from premium and even mainstream sedans.

David Zenlea, Assistant Editor

gybognarjr, the GM bankruptcy had high-powered bankruptcy attorneys representing the shareholders, bondholders, and taxpayers, and the entire proceeding was presided over by a Federal bankruptcy judge. Yet somehow you, Karnak the Magnificent, know more than all these experts. There is a term for people like you. That term is: Idiot.
Such a dyslexic review. I love the car but it's underpowered, it's stylish but looks like everything else on the road. The interior is great but it's too small. Let's face it this is a tiny, underpowered, over plastic, front wheel drive yawn mobile from the leader in mediocracy, Government Motors. This is what you get when Government bureaucrats design automobiles
If GM had been put out to pasture, a whole lot of people would have joined them in the pasture. And that would have been a real crime.
GM should have been put out to pasture, way before they robbed shareholders, bondholders and taxpayers. It is still one of the greatest financial crime of the centuries and GM management and the unions are the record holder financial criminals of the World. Never buy a GM product!

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