2011 Buick Regal CXL

Matt Tierney

Germany supplies 40% of the parts in a Buick Regal, and the cars are assembled in Opel's Russelsheim, Germany plant. This Regal was originally intended to be a Saturn Aura, but then Saturn was put out to pasture during the bankruptcy and even GM's control of Opel was uncertain last fall. Thankfully, GM found a way to hang onto Opel after bankruptcy and the complicated restructuring process.

Opel's engineers did a great job with the Regal. The car has a compliant ride that isn't too harsh to scare off Lexus defectors, and the 2.4-liter I-4 provides as much power as anyone really needs and is complemented by the six-speed automatic transmission. Hyundai may be getting the bulk of press about I-4-only mid-size sedans these days, but Buick is utilizing a similar strategy by adding a turbo four-cylinder for top-spec cars to replace the typical V-6 upgrade.

I look forward to sampling the turbo car once it becomes available. It's exciting to see GM offer a sporty mid-size sedan instead of sticking with the typically bland sedans that I associate with the Buick brand.

Phil Floraday, Senior Web Producer

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gybognarjr, the GM bankruptcy had high-powered bankruptcy attorneys representing the shareholders, bondholders, and taxpayers, and the entire proceeding was presided over by a Federal bankruptcy judge. Yet somehow you, Karnak the Magnificent, know more than all these experts. There is a term for people like you. That term is: Idiot.
Such a dyslexic review. I love the car but it's underpowered, it's stylish but looks like everything else on the road. The interior is great but it's too small. Let's face it this is a tiny, underpowered, over plastic, front wheel drive yawn mobile from the leader in mediocracy, Government Motors. This is what you get when Government bureaucrats design automobiles
If GM had been put out to pasture, a whole lot of people would have joined them in the pasture. And that would have been a real crime.
GM should have been put out to pasture, way before they robbed shareholders, bondholders and taxpayers. It is still one of the greatest financial crime of the centuries and GM management and the unions are the record holder financial criminals of the World. Never buy a GM product!

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