2011 BMW 335is Coupe

Matt Tierney
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The British may have birthed the idea of a Q-ship, but it seems the Germans have all but perfected the art. Apart from the small emblems on the front fenders, along with the blacked-out exterior trim, large wheels, and aggressive suspension stance, the 335is looks virtually identical to any other generic 3-series coupe. Only hard-core BMW spotters will know you're driving something with a little more power.

Make that a lot more power. BMW representatives told us the 335is was designed to serve as a stepping stone between the 335i and the M3, but the impeccable performance served up in this package may be enough to tempt people away from the M car. Heck, my allegiance is swaying simply because the driver isn't forced to delve through an endless array of menus, settings, and M-modes to dip into that power-just select sport mode, and nail the accelerator pedal. Voila-instant torque (up to 370 pound-feet, thanks to the nifty overboost function).

As much as I admire the M3's appearance, particularly its dramatically bulging sheetmetal, the 335is has me wondering if the M is really worth an extra $8000. Unless you actively campaign your daily driver in weekend racing, I'm inclined to say it isn't.

Evan McCausland, Web Producer

Why and how do you have a preproduction model? This car has been out for almost a year!

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