2011 BMW 335is Coupe

Matt Tierney
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Like Joe DeMatio, I questioned the M3's appeal after only a short amount of time behind the wheel of the 335is. I know the M3 is supposed to be the ultimate 3-series, and to many people the ultimate BMW, but the 335is is far more satisfying to drive on public roads than an M3. The overboost function delivers 370 lb-ft of torque, a full 75 lb-ft more than the M3's V-8, and even the normal rating of 332 lb-ft is more useful during real-world driving than the M3's extra 94 hp.

My only gripe about the 335is is the choice of body styles. I've never liked how this generation of 3-series looks as a coupe or a convertible, yet those are the only two offerings for this model. A sedan would be my choice, although I can understand why BMW chose to offer the "is" with only two doors. Apparently the reason a 335is was added to the U.S. BMW portfolio is to fill the performance gap between 335i and M3. Americans didn't exactly understand how close the 335i and M3 are in terms of performance, so BMW is splitting hairs and offering an incremental improvement in performance -- and profits.

Phil Floraday, Senior Web Producer

Why and how do you have a preproduction model? This car has been out for almost a year!

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