2010 Dodge Dakota Laramie Crew Cab 4x2

Matt Tierney

There's a lot of buzz surrounding the Dakota's successor, all seemingly tied to the idea of a smaller, unibody pickup. A fine notion, I suppose, but Dodge/Ram already has the makings of a solid mid-size truck with the current Dakota -- they just need to actually do something with it.

I understand it's hard to justify pouring money into a truck that's far outsold by its big brother, but it does seem a little ironic that the full-size Ram raises the bar for refinement in pickup trucks while the smaller Dakota lags nearly a decade behind. Apart from a mild cosmetic overhaul two years ago, the Dakota is almost as DaimlerChrysler launched it back in 2005. Which is to say it's an adequate vehicle, at best-the V-6 is remarkably strong, but the four-speed's manners are a little abrupt, the steering a bit twitchy at highway speeds.

Would a new, niche-forming small truck do wonders for the Ram brand? Perhaps, but if money's too tight to execute an ambitious program like that, the advances pioneered with the Ram (notably a classy interior and a ride quality that's literally carlike) should be shared with the Dakota.

Evan McCausland, Web Producer

The Dakota isnt ugly !!The reason its sales are low is because it is priced more than a Ram 1500 !! Automobile even said so...With the 310 hp 4.7 V-8 its a hot performer and uses the same amount of gas as the 6 cyl..Want an ugly truck,Ridgeline,Ranger,Colorado,Tacoma ect....
It doesn't sell because it is ugly .... the first generation did much better
This is pointless, this truck is a gonner anyways.

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