2011 Toyota Avalon Limited

Jeffrey Jablansky
Matt Tierney

It's a good thing that no Avalon owner has a heavy foot, because these front tires are very easy to squeal. It amused me, however, to imagine dozens of blue-haired old ladies or socks-and-sandals grandfathers getting pulled over for peeling out hither and yon up and down the Florida peninsula. Unfortunately, that's the only amusement I got out of driving the Toyota brand's flagship sedan.

The Avalon is much like its smaller sibling, the Camry: it's purely an appliance for people who care nothing about cars. At the same time, though, the Avalon is a very nice, spacious, comfortable, and luxurious automobile, especially in the Limited trim that we tested.

Toyota's approach with this model is so conservative that it's hard to tell that this Avalon has been updated from the car I wrote about five years ago for a comparison story for this website; one big clue, however, is that there's no longer a cassette-tape deck in the Avalon's center stack. Speaking of things finally put out to pasture, the Avalon might be a great taxi and airport-fleet replacement now that Ford has stopped building its hoary Crown Victoria.

Rusty Blackwell, Copy Editor

Amazing that you have been able to keep your job five years - how are your related to the publisher? Check the meaning of the word "nonplussed" - seems as though you missed that one also.
First, a 22 year old Associate Editor? Tough times for the publishing industry indeed. Second, a 22 year old reviewing the Toyota Avalon? Could there not be a worse demographic to test the vehicle than a 22 year old male? There's a reason why you don't care for the interior or the instrument panel.I find it hard to take your review seriously given that you're the complete opposite demographic this vehicle is intended for and that you were unable to take that into consideration when writing your review. As a reviewer you are of course entitled to your opinion, but you should also include what the people who would be interested in actually purchasing the Avalon might think.
38K awah come on try for 40K next year!

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