2011 Cadillac CTS-V Coupe

Don Sherman Matt Tierney
Matt Tierney

The V-series is the best thing to happen at Cadillac since this brand introduced V-8 engines 95 years ago. The thumping idle and the lusty lunge forth after a brush of the throttle really tickle my gizzard. Any family man harboring closet Corvette dreams will find deliverance with each handshake of the CTS-V's suede-skinned steering wheel. This is a BMW M3 with a bigger back seat and a more vibrant heart beat. The fact that there's only one camshaft lurking under this Cadillac's hood makes it all the better when you blow off the lame Lincolns, the smartass Shelbys, and the prissy Porsches that get in your way.

Don Sherman, Technical Editor

You have to be kidding...my 2011 V Coupe has the fit, finish and overall quality of a Little Tikes Crazy Coupe (sold as Kids are Us). Those seeking a new Coupe need to look somewhere beside Cadillac.
Very cool car and nice to see Cadillac getting its groove back. Looks and performance at a relatively bargain price. gybognarjr - are you kidding? Sounds like sour grapes for someone who overpaid for a German wundercar that will get its a** kicked for 1/2 the cost. And lowoctane - rear visibility and no spare? Puhleeze! "Gee, I like that Lambo but the rear visibility is poor so I'll get the Volvo wagon instead". This car is about passion and looks. I think people need to stop judging good product based on old GM experiences and open their eyes and mind to the new reality. Your old certainties are no longer valid.
I thought this car looked sharp. Alas, it has the rear visibility of a garbage truck.Also NO spare tire, and no place to put one.Government Motors loses on the CTS Coupe!
Ugly and pointless car. Why pay a fortune for a lousy GM car?

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