2011 BMW 740i

Matt Tierney
#BMW, #740i

This is the best argument for the badge-delete option that's so popular in Europe. From outside the car, you'd never know this BMW 740i has such a small displacement and such impressive fuel economy. It looks just like every other 7 on the road and drives the same, too.

Some potential buyers may be turned off by the meager 315 hp and 330 lb-ft of torque, but I found the car to be perfectly adequate for shuttling four people around town and down the highway. If you're driving other people around most of the time, I'd go so far as to say the six-cylinder 7-series is the best way to go because it's easier to be smooth off the line; the V-8 and V-12 cars tend to surge forward with even a very light application of throttle. The six will give you enough thrust to merge with any traffic, but its throttle is easier to modulate.

The icing on the six-cylinder cake is you save enough money by opting for the small engine that you can afford to pile on the luxury options and still have a car that stickers for less than a base 8- or 12-cylinder 7-series. And if you remove the badges nobody will ever know the difference, either.

Phil Floraday, Senior Web Producer

Great review about the "bmw 740" model! I have been trying to find an appropriate model with some basic requirements in Greece @ http://www.bmw.gr and now I've come closer to make a decision.Thanks,Jo
Perusing the test car's optional sheet was interesting until I got to the "M Package"! Whaaa, performance summer tires on a 6-cylinder luxo barge! In this price range, you either get the good stuff or trade down. (Sigh...) whatta about a Taurus SHO?
@DayeBy that same logic, a 535i has the same engine as this car, costs much less, and is more car than anyone needs. So why would anyone splurge on a 7? -_-
Why would an M anything be mentioned in the same breath as a 7 series?The M is dimunitive compared to the top German models.Although, IMO, the flagship of any German vehicle should only come with a V8 or more.
Infinity's M37 has more power and costs way less than this Bimmer. Call me crazy, but I'd go with the Infinity and maybe pick up an MX-5 or a Genesis Coupe with the spare change.

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