2011 BMW 740i

Matt Tierney
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Like all 7-series sedans, this car coddles both driver and passengers with all manner of luxury amenities. That this car is powered by a turbocharged in-line six rather than a V-8 is not an issue, because the 740i never feels as though it is lacking for power (at least the way I used it, as around-town transport and a freeway commuter). If there's such as thing as a bargain when you're talking about ultra-luxury sedans, the six-cylinder 740i could be it.

Amy Skogstrom, Managing Editor

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Great review about the "bmw 740" model! I have been trying to find an appropriate model with some basic requirements in Greece @ http://www.bmw.gr and now I've come closer to make a decision.Thanks,Jo
Perusing the test car's optional sheet was interesting until I got to the "M Package"! Whaaa, performance summer tires on a 6-cylinder luxo barge! In this price range, you either get the good stuff or trade down. (Sigh...) whatta about a Taurus SHO?
@DayeBy that same logic, a 535i has the same engine as this car, costs much less, and is more car than anyone needs. So why would anyone splurge on a 7? -_-
Why would an M anything be mentioned in the same breath as a 7 series?The M is dimunitive compared to the top German models.Although, IMO, the flagship of any German vehicle should only come with a V8 or more.
Infinity's M37 has more power and costs way less than this Bimmer. Call me crazy, but I'd go with the Infinity and maybe pick up an MX-5 or a Genesis Coupe with the spare change.

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