2010 Dodge Ram Power Wagon Crew Cab 4x4

Matt Tierney
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My, how Dodge is dipping into its history books with this creation. The red-on-grey accents on the hood, rockers, and tailgate are a subtle throwback to the not-so-subtle Power Wagons of the late 1970s, but thankfully, the mechanical bits are inspired largely in part by the original postwar Power Wagon.

Unlike the Ram 1500, this 2500 Power Wagon isn't supposed to be a fuel-sipping, freeway-friendly suburban pickup. Instead, this is a big, beefy honker that's more than capable of carrying a sizable amount of cargo over whatever terrain Mother Nature throws at it. Witness the stratospherically tall stance, the 12,000-pound Warn front winch, the lockable front and rear differentials, the electronically disconnecting front sway bar, and the knobby BF Goodrich tires. If this isn't worthy of a Trail Rated badge (such an accoutrement can be procured from your friendly neighborhood Mopar parts counter), I don't know what is.

Remarkably, for a three-quarter-ton pickup -- and one that's tuned primarily for off-road pursuits -- the big Ram rides quite smoothly. It's so tall and so long, it poses some difficulties on urban streets, but I can live with that. My only gripe lies with the lack of traction control. Off-road hobbyists may rejoice at the lack of such electronic nannies, but it does make launching the nose-heavy Power Wagon on wet or slick roads a little tricky -- make sure to utilize the locking rear diff or the manual transfer case to your advantage.

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