2011 Subaru Impreza WRX STI

I disagree with Joe DeMatio about the rear wing. The STI's wing is positively inoffensive to anyone who has had their rearview mirror filled with the Evo's wing. At least I could tell if there were cars behind me in the STI. I'd still prefer a smaller wing, but in this case the large wing is functional so I don't hate it.

Actually, inoffensive is a good way to describe the STI as a whole. The design is rather tame and bland, even with the more aggressive STI parts. I find the Mitsubishi Evolution to be much more menacing in both the way it looks and the way it drives. There's more steering feel in the Evo and the engine is more explosive, even though it's putting out slightly less power than the STI does. Of course the Evo only offers five forward gears if you want to shift for yourself and the six-speed SST is not going to please everyone. Either of these two rally-bred choice comes with some compromises.

I know the 2011 STI gets some substantial suspension changes that are supposed to improve handling greatly. I couldn't notice a difference between this year's car and the 2010 model during my driving on public roads. Attacking an off ramp with about as much confidence as one can muster on a public road still didn't faze the STI. I would love to explore the handling improvements on a closed track, which is about the only place you'll ever notice them anyway.
- Phil Floraday, Senior Web Editor

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