The CTS Coupe is, as Joe DeMatio says, all about the looks. Of course the car is incredibly stable at speed, smooth around town, and luxurious inside, too.

I really wonder what the CTS Coupe is supposed to compete with in the marketplace. In terms of size, the CTS is bigger than potential competitors like a BMW 3-series, but smaller than a 6-series, and priced somewhere between the two BMWs. If you base your choice in terms of design, perhaps the Audi A5/S5 coupes are the only two on the market that make strong enough visual statements to be worthy competitors, but the design language at Audi couldn't possibly be more different than Cadillac's Art & Science theme. With respect to performance, Mercedes' E350 coupe feels most similar and both Cadillac and Mercedes use navigation screens that disappear when not in use. But none of these other coupes really feel like natural competitors to the CTS.

At first glance, the CTS Coupe and CTS-V Coupe appear to be the most exciting Cadillacs coming out this year. Keen enthusiasts, or at least the type of people who troll Internet forums all day long claiming to be car enthusiasts, have already forgotten about the coupes because they are drooling over the CTS-V Wagon that goes on sale later this year. Despite the compromises for design (who needs headroom, anyway?), the CTS and CTS-V coupes will sell like proverbial hotcakes compared to the CTS-V Wagon. Perhaps the Internet trolls are aware of how scarce the V Wagons will be and thus dismiss the Coupes as relatively pedestrian and uninteresting.

After driving the CTS coupe, it seems like a convertible is a more natural extension of the CTS brand than a wagon. With limited resources it's easy to see why the convertible isn't possible, but perhaps Cadillac should have scrapped the wagon plans and found a way to bring a stylish convertible to market.

Phil Floraday, Senior Web Producer

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