2010 Dodge Caliber Rush

I would be hard-pressed to spend $25,995 on this bland Dodge Caliber when I can get a Volkswagen GTI for $1000 more, or a decently equipped Golf for $4000 less. The 2.4-liter engine isn't the least bit satisfying and the CVT transmission is a poor partner for it. CVTs are supposed to boost fuel economy, but the 21/25 mpg rating is nothing to write home about. And the suspension is clumsy over simple road imperfections. However, the new interior is really nice; especially the center stack and leather bucket seats that are part of the leather interior group.

The navigation system is a bargain at $1275. On my drive home it recalculated my route based on traffic volume, which was a welcome switch; unfortunately it lead me directly into a construction zone that was also jammed.

The Dodge Caliber isn't a terrible car, just as long as you get one close to base price. Paying anything more than $20,000 for one should be illegal.

Mike Ofiara, Road Test Coordinator

I have a friend who spends 100 days a year in rental cars. He not only reads about cars like you and me, he drives them all. He agreed with me that, hands down, this car was the worst production car, foreign or domestic, that he could name.Cheap plastic interior, groaning CVT, lethargic engine, handling out of an 80s Buick. But you will average about 20 mpg, so that's good. Mr. Marchionne must have scratched his head after driving one of these.
They should call it hush instead, that thing repeatedly finishes last in MT Comparo's all the time.
Do you still bang your right knee on the round piece of plastic under the steering wheel? I sat in a 2006, I had to fight to get in this thing, I bought a Magnum instead, yes that was a mistake.

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