What a lovely automobile! I will gladly add to my colleagues' shower of praise for the new Jag XJ. The car looks fantastic, rides great, and drives even better, in the manner that is typical of Jaguar products. The V-8 has plenty of power, sounds great, and does not have too much supercharger whine. The transmission responded well to every input I threw at it.

The ultramodern interior, though, is the best part about this car. It's the complete opposite of the previous XJ, and all the better for it.

Jason Cammisa was right in his initial review of this car: a huge weakness of the XJ is its infotainment system, which, like the XK and XF's before it (although not quite as bad), is slow to respond and has on-screen "buttons" that, as Cammisa wrote, "were clearly designed by someone with fingertips the size of an embroidery needle." My biggest complaint, though, is that the sideview mirrors wouldn't lock themselves into place very well, so I found myself adjusting them frequently after the mirror housing would slip backward due to the force of the wind from driving the car. As the owner of an old MGB, I'm often extra forgiving of idiosyncrasies in British cars, but this is ridiculous, not to mention a potential safety hazard.

Still, I couldn't help but fall in love with the new XJ, what with its massaging and ventilated seats, levitating shifter, fully virtual analog-looking gauges, and superfine leather, all of which consistently impress onlookers. In fact, one family member who'd experienced the lovely Rolls-Royce Ghost that we recently tested said that he was actually more impressed by the XJ's interior than the $300,000 Ghost's. And that's in a car that costs a surprisingly reasonable $87,500. Nice work, Jaguar!
- Rusty Blackwell, Copy Editor

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