2011 Infiniti QX56 4WD

Jeffrey Jablansky
Matt Tierney

Infiniti is selling the QX to an upscale clientele with money and taste. To prove I'm not part of that group, I towed my tired $300 LeMons racing car from its unsecured storage spot (someone stole the driver's seat out of the car!) to my hopefully more theft-resistant garage. It must have been quite a sight to see a brand-new, $70,000 SUV towing a ridiculous rust bucket down the highway last night, but the QX shrugged it off and was eager to run at 80 mph or more. The towing mode was excellent; downshifts are quick and the transmission is happy to stay in a gear that provides maximum torque instead of rapidly upshifting to maximize fuel economy. This made city traffic a non-issue for the last few miles of towing. That said, if you're planning to tow frequently, I'd certainly invest in a trailer brake controller. The brakes in this SUV were adequate, but the mushy pedal did not inspire confidence with about 4000 pounds in tow.

Even if you never need to tow with a QX, it's possible to appreciate it as a luxurious way to transport a group of people through any weather or over any terrain. Everything inside the QX is much nicer than the last-generation truck and it all feels as if it has been assembled with more care and attention to detail. The last time I rode in a QX there were some squeaks coming from the back of the vehicle driving over normal roads but this time it was very solid and quiet.

Critics can complain about the physical size, sticker price, or fuel economy all they want, but for some buyers nothing will replace a full-size luxury SUV.
- Phil Floraday, Senior Web Editor

None of you commented on how atrocious the steering/driver feedback is?I might as well have been drving by remote control.Great interior and good power but that is about it.I am buying the Denali. Hands down the better vehicle test driven so far.
I can never quite get over how huge QX's are when I see them on the streets.

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