2011 Ford Mustang V-6 Coupe

Matt Tierney

The Mustang looks very cool with this bright cobalt blue paint over black leather. I also like the interior: the seats are comfortable and handsome in a slightly retro way. The blind spot mirrors that Eric mentions consist of little inset mirrors in the side view mirrors; they were a surprising and welcome feature. I also appreciate the rearview camera image in the inside rearview mirror; it works well and it negates the need for a big screen in the center stack.

My colleagues have covered the Mustang V-6's dynamic strengths and shortcomings at length. All I can say is, yeah, this V-6 makes great power but just doesn't sound right. As for the manual transmission, despite what Phil says, I found heel and toe action to be very good, and the clutch pedal take-up is fine. The shifter itself, though, is a bit too notchy. As Rusty says, give me a Hurst shifter for a more genuine pony-car feel.

I had to pick up my nephew at the Windsor, Ontario, Canada, train station. We took the tunnel back to Detroit and the border-patrol guy was giving us a pretty thorough interrogation. These situations are always nerve-wracking because you never know what might trip you up or doom you to the special-inspection lane. It didn't help that my nephew is Canadian, while I'm a U.S. citizen. But, finally, the guy in the booth asked how I liked the Mustang and commented that he heard that the V-6 has more than 300 hp, and I immediately knew that we were home free.

Joe DeMatio, Deputy Editor

I created a username just to make this comment....Joe DeMatio, the color of this car is Grabber Blue. NOT Bright Cobalt blue. Cobalt is a dark blue color. Additionally, there is history with the Mustang and the color Grabber Blue. You are an automotive magazine and should take details seriously. It makes me sick that seemingly non-car people write these articles. It's time to get it right. Excuse me, it's past time to get it right.Thanks!
I really don't understand you guys about the 2011 V6 Mustng, you seem to be talking aout it as if it should be as fast and handle the same as a GT. It is not a GT it is a V6 and is such a huge improvement over any previous 6 cylinder powered Mustang that it should get nothing but good words. A car that costs less than $25K and runs and drives as well as this car does is outstanding.

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