2011 Ford Mustang V-6 Coupe

Matt Tierney

The new, more powerful V-6 Mustang is a very solid performer for sure. Still, I have to wholeheartedly agree with Phil: I'd happily fork over the extra $7500 (plus the extra fuel costs over the life of the car) for the V-8 engine just for the better noises it makes. Perhaps I'm old school, but to me, an American pony car should make strong burbly V-8 sounds.

The V-6 car handles a bit softer than the GT, too, but it still can be fun to power it through country-road corners. The ride remains fairly rough, though, with noticeable head toss over rough pavement. I found the V-6 Mustang's steering to be too light although very direct. As Phil also notes, this Ford's hanging throttle is annoying. A six-speed stick is the way I'd order any Mustang, but I'd add a Roush or Hurst shifter to make the gearbox feel more precise.

As the dad of a toddler, though, I'd be tempted to avoid the Mustang altogether ... I won't bore anyone with the specifics, but let's just say that I had a MUCH easier time installing both kid seat and baby in the back seats of new Chevy Camaros and Dodge Challengers recently. The Mustang is no better than a Nissan GT-R in this regard -- and worse than an Audi TT coupe.

Rusty Blackwell,Copy Editor

I created a username just to make this comment....Joe DeMatio, the color of this car is Grabber Blue. NOT Bright Cobalt blue. Cobalt is a dark blue color. Additionally, there is history with the Mustang and the color Grabber Blue. You are an automotive magazine and should take details seriously. It makes me sick that seemingly non-car people write these articles. It's time to get it right. Excuse me, it's past time to get it right.Thanks!
I really don't understand you guys about the 2011 V6 Mustng, you seem to be talking aout it as if it should be as fast and handle the same as a GT. It is not a GT it is a V6 and is such a huge improvement over any previous 6 cylinder powered Mustang that it should get nothing but good words. A car that costs less than $25K and runs and drives as well as this car does is outstanding.

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