2011 Ford Mustang V-6 Coupe

Matt Tierney

With all the hoopla surrounding the launch of 300-plus-hp pony cars (Camaro, Genesis, Mustang) that have recently hit the market, you'd think there was no reason to opt for a V-8 other than bragging rights. I don't want to be seen as the codger bemoaning the loss of carburetors and bias-ply tires, but it's worth buying a V-8 Mustang or Camaro for the engine's sound alone. Yes, a six-cylinder engine CAN be engineered to sound great, but so far neither Ford nor GM nor Dodge is willing to provide a stock exhaust system on their V-6 pony cars that sounds more menacing than a vacuum cleaner. It's a pity. These spectacularly powerful, yet surprisingly fuel efficient, sporty cars will be parked at sorority houses until they sound more like performance cars.

It's incredible that the V-6 Mustang now has as much power as the V-8 car from 2009 and much, much better fuel economy as well. As much as I admire the Mustang's horsepower, though, I can't forget that this 3.7-liter engine is also found in the likes of the Edge Sport crossover. At least with a manual transmission, the engine isn't very responsive to quick changes in the throttle's position -- I noticed the engine would hang near redline after I had lifted my foot completely off the gas pedal for a shift. Once it even held the revs long enough to gain speed after I had released the clutch without getting back on the gas pedal. This sort of tuning generally isn't acceptable in an econobox, let alone a car that's supposed to be sporty.

If you're in the market for a coupe that looks good, cruises well, and probably does well with an automatic transmission, the V-6 Mustang will likely make you happy. If you've got the faintest idea of how heel-and-toe shifting works, however, this car isn't for you. There's still nothing in the V-6 car that makes me want to give up the sound or responsiveness of a V-8. Especially now that Ford has cracked the 400-hp club with the new 5.0.

Phil Floraday , Senior Web Producer

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I created a username just to make this comment....Joe DeMatio, the color of this car is Grabber Blue. NOT Bright Cobalt blue. Cobalt is a dark blue color. Additionally, there is history with the Mustang and the color Grabber Blue. You are an automotive magazine and should take details seriously. It makes me sick that seemingly non-car people write these articles. It's time to get it right. Excuse me, it's past time to get it right.Thanks!
I really don't understand you guys about the 2011 V6 Mustng, you seem to be talking aout it as if it should be as fast and handle the same as a GT. It is not a GT it is a V6 and is such a huge improvement over any previous 6 cylinder powered Mustang that it should get nothing but good words. A car that costs less than $25K and runs and drives as well as this car does is outstanding.

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