2011 Ford Mustang GT Premium

Traditionally I have not been a fan of the Mustang, but this latest generation is winning me over. The V-6 model recently at Automobile Magazine's editorial office impressed with its power and composure but lacked a good soundtrack. This GT makes all the difference, as it delivers the sound and the fury that muscle-car aficionados crave, in spades. Love the tight little six-speed manual shifter. Clutch, brake, and gas pedals work well for heel-and-toeing. When you're bounding down a country road in third gear, the power output is little short of astounding. I would still consider the live rear axle to be more annoying than endearing, but, hey, if you're getting that axle to shudder and judder over Michigan's rough pavement, chances are you're having a ball while you're doing it.

Joe DeMatio, Deputy Editor

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