2011 BMW 135i coupe

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The 135i's new seven-speed dual-clutch transmission mates beautifully with the new single-turbo in-line six. As Evan McCausland notes, this gearbox rips off upshifts with incredible speed and ease. I was amazed by how fast the 135i accelerates: hit the hammer from a stop on a two-lane road and you're hurtling along at 80 or 90 mph practically before you can utter "B-M-W."

That said, I think I would still prefer my 1-series with a manual. I like smaller cars like this to have a manual, and my bigger cars, like the 5-series, to have an automatic. I just can't shake that bias. But for all the reasons Evan lists, I can completely understand why someone else might want their 135i with this new dual-clutch gearbox.

Joe DeMatio, Deputy Editor

45- $6500 amakes me think the 1 series is overpriced and that it's more logical to get the 3 series. But I would doubtlessly talk myself right into getting the 135 with the clutchless tranny - I think this car is awsome and I love the trick tranny - purists be damned - it doesn't take anything away from the driving expierience at all, less one's sentimental connection to the past. Like a turbo, direct injection or just a high flow exhaust system, it just plain works better. If it works better, I want it on the car.
What do you mean theoretically lower price? The BMW 135i starts at: $36,050.00The BMW 335i coupe at:$42,650.00The BMW 335i sedan at:$40,600.00Simple math shows that the 135i is a whopping $6,600.00 less vs. the 335i coupe and $4,550.00 less than the sedan. Are you trying to sell 3-series or did you really just miss calculate? A price premium of between $4,550.00 and $6,600.00 dollars is real; nothing theoretical about it. When you take into account that the only thing really gained by spending those extra G's is a bit more space and that's only if the person actually requires it. Otherwise its pretty much a no brainer to go with the 135i unless perhaps you just can't stand the looks of it.

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