2010 Rolls-Royce Ghost

Don Sherman Matt Tierney
Matt Tierney

It's difficult to offer a thorough evaluation of cars like a Rolls-Royce Ghost without having a bank account that rivals the GDP of a small country or two. What impresses me, a mere mortal, is how easy it is to drive a Ghost. It's huge, heavy, and incredibly powerful, but the Ghost is also fairly nimble and relaxing from behind the wheel. As you'd expect, the suspension is tuned to keep passengers in complete comfort, so only the largest bumps are felt inside the car.

Infotainment is one area where the Rolls blows away any competing cars from Bentley or Maybach. Not only does everything work, it's as modern as you'll find, and the interface is easy to figure out. Passengers in the rear seats can easily take control of the infotainment system without getting up from their reclining seats or messing with a finicky remote control.

Anywhere you drive in a Ghost instantly becomes a bit more glamorous. Although nobody gawked at the sedan the way I had imagined they might, that sense of anonymity might be exactly what Ghost buyers desire. Inside, the car feels very special, and outside, at least in this shade of gray, the car isn't too flashy or quick to draw unwanted attention.

Phil Floraday

For $305,750, everything should always work every single time.

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