2010 Porsche 911 Turbo

I didn't drive this particular 911 Turbo coupe, but a few weeks ago I had my first 911 Turbo experience with a lovely cabriolet in France. Traffic was so bad leaving Paris that we actually swapped drivers while parked in the fast lane of the A10 autoroute. I spent hours just sitting in the supportive bucket seats and watching time tick away on my watch. Finally the road opened up and I had a chance to dip in to the Turbo's legendary power. Wow. This car is incredible. During the same weekend I also managed to drive on Circuit de la Sarthe at speeds much more in line with the Turbo's capabilities. It was a surreal experience driving a 911 Turbo through the Porsche curves, under the Dunlop bridge and topping out north of 155 mph on the Mulsanne straight with a track full of other Porsche vehicles of all vintages.

Whenever there's a Turbo in the 911 lineup, it sells more than any of the other dozen (or more!) variants. The 911 Turbo is also the only vehicle in Porsche's portfolio that can simply be called "Turbo;" lesser vehicles (including the Panamera Turbo) must have the model name before turbo on the badging. No matter how much faster (GT2 RS) or more visceral (anything with GT3 in the name) other 911s might be, the Turbo is the iconic 911. Spend a few miles behind the wheel and it's easy to see why the Turbo is so revered. There's no compromise in terms of equipment, ride quality, or daily driving abilities to get huge increase in power the Turbo offers. The only downside is the price of admission, but the Turbo badge adds a lot of cachet to the 911 and everyone knows cachet doesn't come cheap.
- Phil Floraday, Senior Web Editor

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