2010 Nissan Altima Coupe 3.5 SR

Matt Tierney

My colleagues have mixed feelings about the Nissan Altima Coupe and I know why: this car falls far short of the standards one would expect in 2010 from a $30,000 vehicle. I have one thing to say: Volkswagen GTI, my friends. A car that's available for less money and is twice as refined, twice as well-tuned, and twice as fun to drive as this Nissan.

The main things the Altima coupe has going for it are its exterior styling, which is indeed reminiscent of Infiniti; and its powerful V-6 engine. But the Altima coupe is not worthy of that fine engine. The chassis is soggy, the steering is a mess, the body control is mediocre. Do you get the picture? The Nissan Altima coupe is a great dynamic disappointment. I was shocked by our car's sticker price, even though it had the V-6, and I almost fainted to see that the manual gearbox - nothing to crow about - costs $2330. You have got to be kidding me.

The Honda Accord coupe has always felt like a discount Acura, whereas the Nissan Altima coupe feels like a dressed-up economy car.

Joe DeMatio, Deputy Editor

I'm with Joe and Amy...........and will look elsewhere..........
@MusicCityMadman - Since it isn't possible to get the manual transmission without the two equipment packages, discussing the pricing of the transmission by itself isn't really possible.
I never respect nissan engineering! I have driven the G35 and thats the worse 6-speed I have driven.
Sloppy journalism. Spending two minutes on Nissan's website reveals that the 6MT comes standard with two packages that cost about $3400 on the CVT. So if you get the same car for $2400 more than the other base, but you get $3400 worth of options, how much have you paid for the manual transmission......... -$1000. Disclaimer: I do not work for Nissan, I do not drive a Nissan and I agree with all the comments that you can do a lot better than this car for same or less money.

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