2010 Infinti G37 Sedan Journey Anniversary Edition

Because the arena of rear-wheel-drive sport sedans is so very competitive, cars in this segment typically age in dog years, but the Infiniti G37 remains as compelling as it was when it debuted. Part of that, of course, has to do with the fact that this isn't the same car that launched in 2007. The engine has more power, and the automatic has gained two more speeds. The latter improvement only strengthens my opinion that the two-pedal G is the right way to go, as the six-speed manual offered for the car isn't particularly good and allows more of the VQ engine's harshness into the cabin. Even with the new transmission, the powertrain is this car's clear weak point. Sure, it can keep up with a BMW 335i or Audi S4 on a drag strip, but in terms of everyday refinement, it lags considerably. That's too bad, because the G is as good or better in every other dynamic department. I particularly like the way Infiniti has split the difference between BMW and Audi's approach to power assisted steering, resulting in a wheel that's lighter than that in the 3-series without feeling over boosted or artificial.

The interior looks pretty much the same as in earlier G37s we've driven, and remains one of my favorites for its excellent telematics and high-quality materials. Count me in with the group that loves the red leather surfaces.

David Zenlea, Assistant Editor

My wife and I just bought the Anniversary Edition but the Coupe, which is considerably different than the sedan. First, the coupe is 330 hp rather than 328. The interior is superior in that it is Red Maple wood and stainless. Everything said is true except to us the engine isn't nearly as loud or harsh as the new Mustang GT which is purposefully loud because of the piping in to the cabin. The Infiniti is nimble, extremely quick, and does have a taut, almost European ride. We love it and it's nice to know we have one of only 200 Anniversary coupes in the U.S.

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