2010 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor

As cool as the Raptor was when it debuted last year, there wasn't a whole lot to appreciate under the hood. Massive suspension modifications were enough to make the Raptor a hit among the niche set of off-roaders that wants to go fast in the sand but doesn't really want to build their own trucks. If you've never experienced a lifted truck with a properly dialed-in suspension, the Raptor is probably the most amazing truck in the world. But it came with a boat anchor for an engine.

A year later the same truck has an all-new 6.2-liter V-8 rated at 411 hp, an impressive 101 hp increase over the 5.4-liter V-8 offered before. One would imagine this increase in power totally transforms the truck, but that's not quite the case. With a 3-ton curb weight to overcome, the 6.2-liter engine still feels lackadaisical when you floor the gas pedal. Is it better than the 5.4? Certainly. But the 5.4-liter was not very good to start with, and the 6.2 doesn't significantly raise the performance bar for $3000.

Ford has made huge strides with its powertrain offerings in the past few years, in vehicles like the Fusion Hybrid and anything with an EcoBoost V-6. Hopefully the performance vehicles will be treated to worthwhile, modern powerplants soon. I'd love a Raptor that had the engine performance to match its aggressive looks.
- Phil Floraday, Senior Web Editor

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Boat anchor?!? Obviously you have not driven one or do not know how to properly use all the features the Raptor offers, like off-road mode or how to disable the traction control or roll stability control. No other manufacturer out there offers the likes of the Raptor. I have driven my 5.4 on sand dunes (Silver Lake Sand Dunes) and there was not a dune I could not easily climb, while I saw others struggle to even get close to the top. Maybe you should do some real research before commenting or perhaps find another job?
A "boat anchor of an engine"? Come now Phil. Have you actually driven a 5.4 Raptor in its element? Or are you just assuming? Because I have, and while certainly more is better, the 5.4 Raptor is every bit as capable as the 6.2 in almost all situations; I think you'll be hard pressed to find an owner of either that would dispute that. And in any case, I doubt you'll find anyone with actual behind the wheel experience that would call it a boat anchor.

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