2010 Dodge Viper SRT10 Coupe

Phil is right: the Viper is the most masculine vehicle on the market today. I've had similar thoughts about Aston Martin products recently, but whereas Astons are strong and gentlemanly and sexy, the Viper is raw and rude and a bit ugly (especially in ACR trim). The Viper wins.

Like Phil, I, too, am very glad that I had a chance to hop behind the wheel of a Viper before the storied model goes on what I hope will be just a short sabbatical. I didn't have much of a chance to drive this Viper, unfortunately, but I was quickly reminded of its superstiff clutch; potentially vicious handling attributes; hot, bare-bones cabin; beefy rock-crusher gearbox; and wonderful (but at the same time trucklike) engine with lots of aggressive back-pressure popping noises.

The ACR has a stiffer suspension, which made me wonder whether I would survive the drive over our parking structure's numerous speed bumps. Like the base Viper SRT10, though, the ACR has crazy long gear ratios that permit 60 mph in first gear. In fact, this is the only car I've driven where I thought I might be lugging the engine enough to stall at 70 mph in sixth gear, since the revs are less than 1500 rpm at Michigan's posted speed limit. Not that any Viper should be driven at the speed limit very often...

Rusty Blackwell , Copy Editor

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