2010 Toyota FJ Cruiser

Matt Tierney

This particular paint combination is so, so cool. Really shows off the FJ at its best.

This is a purpose-built lifestyle vehicle and is still as cool as it was when it came out a number of years ago. Consider, also, that Toyota is not known for making unusual niche vehicles, and it's a miracle the FJ even exists. For someone who truly likes to off-road and do the whole outdoor adventure thing, the FJ is ideal, as long as you can live with the rear half doors. But once you reach in, grab the handle, and swing it open, it's easy enough for three rear-seat passengers to climb aboard.

The interior styling theme -- all chunky, blocky, retro shapes -- has aged very well. I appreciated the small rearview camera screen that appears in a corner of the center rearview mirror.

As for its on-road behavior, I had to get two people from my house to the Detroit airport in a hurry, and the FJ easily accelerated to 90 mph and cruised surprisingly well, with a reasonably comfortable ride.
Joe DeMatio

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