Well, as expected, Volkswagen nailed the interior of the CC-the supremely comfortable seats being the crowning jewel. In fact, this cabin would look at home in a vehicle that cost substantially more than this vehicle's $33,000 as-tested price. The manual gearbox is light and effortless to work, but, to me, where this suited our 4 Seasons VW Jetta, it feels a touch flimsy here. It lacks the solid, substantial feel that the rest of the CC imparts. It's a small complaint, especially since a large majority of buyers will choose the automatic transmission anyway.

Like Eric, I noticed something odd in the CC's demeanor between about 40 and 80 mph but I felt it more than I heard it. There is an underlying vibration/motion in the CC's ride that translated into a minor, but constant, jiggle, especially at highway speeds.

Jennifer Misaros, Production Editor

I too experienced the "strange cabin noise/pressure changes" during a test drive. May be a deal breaker.

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