It amazes me that some automakers have the hardest time addressing torque steer, adopting all sorts of interesting designs and configurations attempting to curb the symptom. Others, however, seem to be able to drop a strong V-6 into a front-wheel-drive chassis, and have a balanced car without the technological crutch. This Altima seems to be the latter -- the venerable VQ V-6 throws down a solid 258 pound-feet of torque, yet the car never pushes to the side, even under hard acceleration. Impressive.

I'm generally impressed by the look and feel of the Altima's interior makeover, but it appears designers forgot one little detail: seat bolsters. The front seats are comfortable, but they're shaped like slabs, and offer little lateral hold when entering a corner.

Evan McCausland, Web Producer

"The only way to get a stick-shift V-6 Altima, it should be noted, is to spring for the $5000 more expensive Altima coupe, but the sedan's CVT does its job very well."There it is, the dreaded, life-sucking shiftless CVT. I remember the days when Nissan was the standout, the sporty alternative to a field of blandmobiles that still offered a truly slick manual shifter. Perhaps those days are gone for good, but because of this, the Altima is no longer a stand out for me.

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