2010 Ford Flex EcoBoost

The Flex EcoBoost is, to my mind, THE solution for the family man who has to have a seven-passenger vehicle but who cannot abide the thought of a minivan and wants a vehicle with some style and a smoking-hot powertrain. I would never be embarrassed to drive this thing. It's pretty darn cool and there is SO much power on tap, and it's ready and standing at attention, waiting for the slightest movement of your right foot.

I drove the Flex EcoBoost to visit my mother and family for Mother's Day, and I was amazed how many other Flexes I saw on the way to northern Michigan and back. It's a very comfortable freeway cruiser, and braking and steering responses are good. I noticed a few miscues in the interior styling, such as an odd piece of trim at the top of the front door panels that meets the A-pillars in a haphazard fashion. It's a filler piece that doesn't quite integrate well. The doors themselves are really tall; this is a function, obviously, of the exterior styling, but it gets a bit claustrophobic inside. The controls for the sideview mirrors are also at the top of the door, which makes them a bit awkward to reach comfortably. I also don't care for a row of buttons at the top of the center stack that are kind of hidden from view under the lip of an overhang from the dashboard. Among these buttons is the hazard light button, which can be difficult to spot quickly. It looks just like the "INFO," "SETUP," "RESET," "PASSENGER AIR BAG," and "TRACTION CONTROL OFF" buttons; it should be very distinct from them and easy to see in a microsecond-glance.

Joe DeMatio, Deputy Editor

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