This car has completely changed my opinion of M3s. Back in 1990 I had my first Drive in a BMW M3 as well as a standard 3-series. Hated everything about it. Walked away with the opinion from that point on that a BMW 3-Series of any type was that of a person who wanted the status of the badge but could not afford one.

Fast forward to 2010 BMW M3. It's far from the car I remembered. It's been refined to the point it spoke to most parts of my body and toyed with my need for speed. The steering wheel felt like it was custom to my hands. The seats and trim were impressively comfortable. Not the hard planks I remember from 1990. If the performance does not get your blood rushing, one press of the "power" button will allow you inner-adrenaline Junkie to come out and play.

Headroom wasn't an issue for me. While I didn't have a helmet on, it still felt roomy. It was a little painful to watch my 6-foot 4-inch bodybuilder friend getting in and out, but he was very comfortable in the copilot seat! A little deeper sound from exhaust would have made it perfect; otherwise I think I have a new entry in my top 5 favorite cars.

Kelly Ryan Murphy, Creative Director

New Car Research

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