2011 Hyundai Sonata Limited

Don Sherman Matt Tierney

As with the 2010 Tucson that I drove the other day, I wasn't too impressed with the styling of the new Sonata when I saw it in photos, but I think it works really well in person (aside from the Sonata's slightly garish grille, that is). In this Hyundai's case, the lines of the car make it look very elongated; it's no illusion, though, as there's plenty of space inside the car, as Don mentioned. I have no real complaints about the cabin after my brief initial test drive. I also definitely agree with Joe and Don's opinions about this Sonata being yet another watershed product for Hyundai (a trend that, to me, started with the debut of the Veracruz in 2007).

The navigation system in this car doesn't have the incredibly intuitive spin-wheel controller that's in the upmarket Hyundai Genesis sedan, but it works quite well nonetheless. Even with navigation, heated leather seats, and a backup camera, our test car barely cracked $28,000, although as Matt suggests, some American buyers might have a hard time paying that much for a mid-size car with a four-banger. Four-cylinder detractors should note that Hyundai recently announced that it soon will launch a turbocharged Sonata that will put out 274 hp, a number that exceeds the output of all major competitors (four-cylinder or V-6). That car should be quite the rocket ship, although Hyundai engineers will have to work hard to eliminate torque steer from the more powerful Sonata, since the four-cylinder vehicle already exhibits a bit of this undesirable trait.

Rusty Blackwell, Copy Editor

Unfortunately we had to run stock photos of this car and were unable to get a limited interior with nav photo.
Wait, the interior photos are not of the Limited edition, let alone one with Navigation
Early contender for Automobile of the Year?I hope so, especially once the turbo and the hybrid comes out!

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