2010 Mini Cooper Camden Edition

Like Phil, I haven't driven a base-engine Mini Cooper in quite a while, but I was very pleasantly surprised with the quickness of this car. In fact, after a few acceleration runs, I wondered if I might have been driving a turbocharged Cooper S after all. Given the extreme torque steer that plagues turbocharged Minis (particularly those with limited-slip differentials), I almost prefer this cheaper, more economical, yet less powerful base edition.

This particular Camden edition, however, I'm less sure about. I tend to floor the accelerator pedal quite a bit, and I quickly got annoyed by the "Fuullll thrrotttlle!" comments from the digital peanut gallery. I also didn't like being nagged about upshifting when I was in a traffic jam.

Still, as Evan noted, the Camden does have a very attractive black and white interior. And I can definitely understand the appeal of special editions of cars with huge enthusiast followings such as the Mini, the Corvette, the Mustang, and the Miata. They help individuals' cars stand out, and they can make for interesting collectible footnotes years down the road. (For instance, I own a 1967 MGB/GT "Special," which is one of less than 500 sold. It's not really worth much more than regular MGB/GTs today, but it helps my less-than-pristine car stand out from the crowds of MGBs and other little British cars.)

Rusty Blackwell, Copy Editor

Doctor, I heard the voices again this morning...

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