2010 Mini Cooper Camden Edition

Seriously, officer; the car told me to do it. In addition to the various dialogues outlined by Joe DeMatio, Mini's "Mission Control" can occasionally goad drivers into doing some absolutely entertaining (and likely illegal) activities. "Engine"-one of three personas that randomly pop into the cabin-cheers when you peg the throttle against the floorboard, celebrates when you hit 5000 RPM, shouts out your acceleration times, and compliments your manic driving by saying it's like a scene straight out of The Italian Job. As if I needed more encouragement to drive like Charlie Croker...

Mission Control may be a main talking point (pun intended) of the Camden package, but I'm rather smitten with the other upgrades it throws in. I found the cream and black color scheme attractive, but it's even more so inside-the striped dash appliqué and the shiny fabric used in the seat inserts aren't substantial upgrades, but they do look quite spiffy. I also dig the grille badge and the old fashioned pedal set, both serving as subtle hints at the original Mini.

Sadly, I can't defend opting for the entire package. $4500 is a lot of money for a talking toy and some spiffy duds, to say nothing of the additional $500 you're forced to spend for one of the three colors mandated by the Camden package. Similar money can upgrade buyers from a Cooper to a turbocharged Cooper S-I promise you the extra power is more entertaining than a collection of digitized voices.

Evan McCausland, Web Producer

Doctor, I heard the voices again this morning...

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