2010 Mini Cooper Camden Edition

For $4500, I could probably hire Dick Van Dyke to ride shotgun with me and reprise his role from Mary Poppins. (Seriously. Does he has anything better to do?) That would basically have the same effect as listening to this Mini drone on and on with over-the-top British enthusiasm. Although charming at first, the voiceovers soon become simply one more annoying electronic intrusion into the driving experience. Like Evan, I'd rather put that money toward a Cooper S than have some computer congratulate me on every turn and remind me to buckle my seatbelt.

Of course, you could just not opt for the extras and enjoy the Mini for what it is-a fantastic, fun-to-drive small car. Beyond the cheap thrills it provides on any back road, the Mini also does impressive work on the highway, cruising comfortably as speeds that would require a white-knuckle grip in a Honda Fit.

David Zenlea, Assistant Editor

Doctor, I heard the voices again this morning...

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