2010 Dodge Charger SRT8

The Dodge Charger SRT8 is an adorable throwback that anyone schlepping through life with a wheezy four-cylinder or an indolent V-6 should experience before the petroleum runs out. The 425-hp Hemi V-8, side-stepping rear axle, and war-whoop exhaust yowl are well worth the $43,730 price of admission. Never mind the $1700 guzzler tax or the $50 pump stops, this is the most cost effective form of mental therapy money can buy.

The seatback bolsters feel ready for the NASCAR high banks. The carbon-fiber trimmed steering wheel is perfect for hanging on for dear life. And there's a NASA-grade instrument package to document your every maneuver. My best 0-60 clocking was 5.20 seconds.

I'm hoping that the current Charger hands the baton to a replacement within the coming twelve months. Here's my wish list for changes to the SRT8 and its kin:

  1. A seriously lower cowl and belt line. The gangsta look came and went. For inspiration, study the sinewy-sleek Chargers of forty years ago.
  2. Seriously lighter doors. Make that seriously lighter everything.
  3. A manual mode for the automatic transmission that actually holds gears until an upshift is requested.
  4. Steering that takes you straight down the road without persistent minding.

But please don't mess with the Charger's status as one of the last American-made muscle sedans still kicking.

Don Sherman, Technical Editor

Either get the extended warranty or save up several grand to cover the future problems you WILL experience.

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