2010 Chevrolet Traverse LTZ

I really don't care for the Traverse's strangely shaped, undersized rear window, which I find neither attractive nor practical. From the outside, the window looks way too small for such a sizeable vehicle, and the broad expanse of sheetmetal underneath it only serves to emphasize the odd proportions. From the driver's seat, the window appears small and very far away through the rearview mirror, compromising rear visibility. Other than that, the Traverse is a perfectly capable crossover vehicle, with comfortable seats, a nicely styled interior, room for seven passengers, and a decent powertrain.

Amy Skogstrom, Managing Editor

I beg to differ. I get 22-23 always in my Traverse. I have a friend with a Tahoe and just like my Silverado, gets 16-17. If you need to tow heavy, go with the Tahoe, but if you are moving people, the Traverse has more room, it's quieter and gets better mileage.
19MPG average, I doubt that. If you want to carry 7-8 passengers get a Minivan which will result in better gas mileage. If you need to tow something get a Tahoe or Yukon & probably end up with similar gas mileage as the Traverse.

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