2010 Toyota Venza AWD

The Venza is a perfectly nice five-passenger tall wagon, as far as space, appointments, and utility are concerned. I just don't understand why Toyota is building it. The company already had an overfull quiver of hatchback crossover things, so why add the strange-looking Venza to the bunch? Well, it turns out that Toyota sold a very respectable 54,410 Venzas last year (nearly as many as Scion's 2009 brand total), so I guess there's the answer. It saddens me, though, that consumers apparently prefer the bulky Venza alongside competent RAV4s, Highlanders, Matrixes, 4Runners, et al. instead of a more carlike, more efficient, and no longer offered Camry station wagon.

Based on the mediocre fits all over the Venza's dashboard-not to mention the recent recall debacle-Toyota has apparently expended too much energy developing new niche models when the company should have been perfecting and polishing its existing vehicles.

A few other comments after driving the Venza:
-This cloth interior isn't nice enough for a family vehicle with a $35K price tag.
-Despite its two-ton weight, it accelerates surprisingly quickly.
-The styling of the front end really turns me off, but I do like the side profile, largely because of those cool twenty-inch (!) wheels. Unfortunately, they noticeably compromise the Venza's ride comfort.

Rusty Blackwell, Copy Editor

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Rick Rice
The only thing bad about the V6 AWD Venza is the Crappy Goodyear Eagle RS-A tires!! 
Rick Rice
I bet you all drive POS VW's!!. Just bought a used 2010 V6 AWD Venza. Awesome acceleration, great brakes and the styling with th e 20 inch alloys turns heads. Love the interior especially. You didn't notice the digital climate control readout and that's an issue? Drive the car people don't put any stock in what these morons had to say. Great Car!! 
HOw can the outside look so cool and the inside look and feel so cheap? I was very diappointed in Toyota on this one.
Phil,The Venza is effortless to get in and out of. My senior friends all agree. The fact that you mentioned you had trouble in this area with your boots are a joke. I can not understand people in auto review positions with such limited abilities.Since I own a new Venza and am an avid car guy, I must disagree with you on almost every flaw you found in this car. To the buying public, check out this Venza and then make your choice.
Just bought a 2010 V6 AWD Venza and really like it. Style,performance,space,comfort and ease of getting in and out is way above average. I am a car guru and would have to say your review is way off the mark.Has Toyota's competitors been taking you out to lunch?
The brakes on the Venza are terrible. I get the feeling every time that I it the brake pedal, it feels as though the pedal is going right to the floor. I have a sensor on the car for insurance purposes and every time I hit the brakes, it records "aggresive braking" I have had it back to the dealer twice and they say there is nothing wrong with the brakes. I have owned 6 Toyotas in a row and this will be my last one.
Remember the 1st-gen Pontiac TransSport? I couldn't get over the feeling that I was driving its reincarnation when behind the wheel of the Venza. As noted, poor panel fits and cheap plastics. A LOOONG dashboard and schnoz that put the driver in the middle of the wheelbase and make front corner visibility non-existant. And tall gearing plus an engine tuned for high-rpm power, not low-rpm torque (what happened to long-stroke engines for utility vehicles!?), indeed make this a powertrain you have to flog to wring out meaningful performance. Toyota: too big, too fast, now the GM of Japan. Get it together, you're capable of much more than the mediocre conveyances you're putting out now.
Holy Moly............did these guys actually drive a Venza? I've never seen such a negative review. Most reviews I've seen on the vehicle were very very good.I know the Venza isn't for everyone but these guys give it no chance at all.As far as looks goes, that's the first thing that attracted me to the vehicle.Very sharply styled, especially with those 20" wheels. 54000+ units in the first year...........must be something good about it.I found this quote just plain ridiculous.............."It's interior is bland but acceptable, inspiring in me neither appreciation nor any special critical insights for its design. The driving experience is fine, if your objective is simply to get from point A to point B. If you're looking for a little driving excitement or even a token smidgen of luxury, you're in the wrong vehicle."The inside of this vehicle is very luxuriously appointed.....often compared to the Lexus line. btc909- the 4cyl gets 29MPG...one of the best and cheaper than other offerings in it's class
You would think the advantage of a CUV would be lower height to give you better handling (car like) & a lower weight to give you better fuel ecomony. Looks like Toyoda screwed both of those aspects up. I've been in this vehicle, the cargo area offers no real advantage over a Camry. The price, that was the first thing that said no to this vehicle for my wife. A 30-40K Camry, huh?
Rick Rice
@82howbow Brakes are fine on my Venza, must be something wrong with your brakes or maybe with you!
Rick Rice
@btc909 Don't knock it just because you can't afford one. Great car, interior and exterior styling waaaaayy ahead of the Camry and the Lexus RX350.

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