2010 Suzuki Grand Vitara Limited V-6

Yes, the Grand Vitara is something of a throwback and is one of the few compact crossovers that wouldn't wet itself during an off-road excursion. Of course, most people buying small SUVs these days are really looking for a tallish station wagon, and by those standards, Suzuki is behind the curve. Its interior is rather crude, a mix of old General Motors parts and the fakest faux wood I've come across of late. The Grand Vitara goes down the road well enough, with decent V-6 verve, but its skittish steering and slightly tippy feel as it goes through corners won't appeal to the Honda CR-V crowd.

David Zenlea, Assistant Editor

Why did all of you deride the removable navigation unit? Yes, most manufacturers offer built-ins, but what about multi-car families? Or for that matter, intracity pedestrian/transit navigation, which the garmin offers. Not everyone is an iPhone pod person.

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