2010 Infiniti FX50 AWD

I usually have to suppress a mildly disgusted yawn when I talk about one of these newfangled, sporty crossover confections, but the FX is actually quite charming. Like the BMW X6 and the rest, the FX is a heavy, gas-guzzling vehicle whose utility is dubious at best, but at least the FX has character. And by character, I mean an awesome sounding V-8. I risked flying off into the icy abyss a few times just to hear and feel its 390-hp roar. It's styling isn't half bad either. Sure it looks like a fish, but at least it's a well-proportioned fish.

Infiniti does great work these days on interiors, so it doesn't surprise me that the FX's cabin has no problem living up to the $65,000 price tag. The general layout is rather similar to that of the smaller, cheaper EX35, but as Phil noted, everything feels much more substantial here.

David Zenlea, Assistant Editor

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